A well-designed e-commerce website can help your business stand out in the digital world. It is therefore imperative to find a great design for your online store. A modern e-commerce website design must also include certain elements to stay relevant. In this article, we have discussed the essential elements that an e-commerce website must have to attract customers.

So, let’s begin!

Some key points to consider before E-Store Design

You need to keep a few things in mind when designing a website. Before we provide the list of necessary components, let's look at how to design your e-store that customers will love. 

  • Prioritize user-friendliness: Customers shouldn't have any trouble navigating your website. No matter how many features your online store has, difficult navigation can hurt your sales. Because of this, you shouldn't choose a complex design that could lead to consumer confusion. Leading providers of e-commerce website development services advise prioritizing user-friendliness because of this.
  • Simple check-out process: Cart abandonment may occur if the check-out procedure is difficult or unclear. Keep things simple and make the checkout process as easy as you can. 
  • Responsive: You must choose a design that is appropriate for all smart devices. So, make sure the design of your e-commerce store is responsive.
  • Security: Another crucial factor you must not forget is designing a secured e-store. It’s a must for your website to have an SSL certificate installed. This will encrypt data coming and going to the browser. Having a transparent privacy policy to ensure how you are using the information that the customer's share is important. 

Important elements that an e-commerce website design must have

Although there are many online shoppers, drawing them in might be difficult. To gain leads, you must outperform your rivals as there are numerous other e-commerce stores. Consider the following tips that the experts of the leading e-commerce development companies would have suggested for designing your e-store. 

  • Customer’s name: Your customer's name must appear on the dashboard. Making customers feel valued and special is a good method to impress them. As a result, remember to include the name feature while creating the signup options. The addition of user names to your website also has several other benefits. You can simply write their names instead of uploading photographs or adding personal information. Additionally, the users may feel happy after finding their name on the dashboard.
  • Best-selling items on the home page: Many customers are there who keep looking for the best-selling products. It would be great if you could organize the home page with all the products that are popular among buyers. In this way, you are also helping the customers find the best products without wasting much time. This also makes them feel great about your services and in fact, can help increase your sales. Above all, caring for your customers helps build your brand.
  • A zoom option for the products: Buyers need to properly see the images of the products. That’s why you must provide a zooming option for the products. After all, the details of the products must be visible and this option can be useful. This way you are helping your customers to check the products thoroughly and make a wise decision. Moreover, use high-quality images so that users can zoom the pictures to check the details before making purchases. 
  • Product list: The product collection list must be done properly and there must not be any confusion regarding it. This list depends on the festivals, new collections, discounts, etc. You must not forget that your products also get ranked on search engines. 

For getting better rankings you must keep updating the collections regularly. Thus you can also arrange the products according to the interest of your customers on your website. You can also think of including some suggested items in your collection. As a result, upgrading your library based on the most recent customer search might be very beneficial.

  • The details of shipping: There should be a delivery option at the top of your online store. Moreover, you must provide complete information about varying shipping options to all your customers. After all, based on geological location, the cost of shipping may vary. To drive in more customers you can also offer free delivery to your customers. This will certainly help grow your sales.
  • Rating and feedback: Customers don’t buy products these days without checking the reviews and also feedback. That’s why you must include the rating and review on your online store that will help sell your products. All your customers give importance to what other buyers suggest. Because of this, it is a must-have element on your website. Again, keep in mind that you mustn’t ignore negative feedback. Reply to those criticisms instead by promising to enhance your service.
  • Wishlist: Buyers may not be able to buy immediately but they may like to add items to a wishlist. That’s why you must consider including a wishlist in your e-store. This is certainly great assistance for your buyers as they can add the products they would like to buy later. Therefore, add an attractive wishlist to your store and your customers will certainly appreciate it.
  • Add price filter: Adding a price filter to the e-store can be a great way to improve the shopping experience of the customers. After all, it helps shoppers to find products within their desired price range. Again, keep the overall pricing very transparent for the buyers, and no need to hide any additional charges. This is important to gain the trust of the customers for long-term benefits. That’s why a price filter is another must-have element for your e-store. 


A well-designed website is important for any business to grow. That’s why you must find the best way to design your e-store. Moreover, it can’t stand out without certain elements that are essential to make an outstanding e-store. While designing your e-store consider the suggestions we have provided here. It will undoubtedly assist in the launch of an online store that your clients will enjoy.